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About Us

Established in January 1998, Best Friend Doggy & Kitty Salon Cum Learning Centre is an establishment that gives emphasis to the responsibilities of pet care and canine education.

Headed by U.S trained and certified master dog groomer and trainer Owen Sim

Starting in 1998, we aim to provide professional and reliable grooming and training services that you can rely on. We aim to ensure that you and your best friend have the best experience with us.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand that pet owners take great pride in having a well-groomed pet. Our professional grooming expertise includes careful inspection of the animals’ coat and skin, coat clipping, combing, brushing, nail trimming, ear and eyes maintenance, and other aspects of hygiene and grooming aesthetics.


We also understand the worry and stress that comes with having a pet who has behavioural issues and begins misbehaving. Being certified professional trainers and canine behaviorists, we are able to provide a well-rounded canine education that is unparalleled to any found here in Singapore.

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The story began when we went to the U.S to train to become professional master dog groomers and trainers

We went to the New York School of Grooming in the U.S in 1997 and trained there for everyday for 10 weeks, learning how to groom the dog-show standard cut for every breed. Afterwards we went to the National K9 School for Dog Trainers at Columbus, Ohio. There we trained for 6 weeks, learning how to identify different breeds and their behavior along with basic dog training. We also learned specialized dog training like tracking, scent detection, drug & firearm detection,  search & rescue, police K9.

On August of 2001, we officially started a career course for people interested in coming into the pet industry as professional groomers




After a few years in the industry, we realized that there was a lack of opportunity to become a professional and certified groomer and dog trainer. We felt that there should be a certain standard that is maintained in order to serve the public better. So in August of 2001, we officially started a career course for people interested in coming into the pet industry as professional groomers and dog trainers.


In 2011, we were awarded the Successful Entrepreneur Award

We were nominated for this award by our clients for our grooming and training excellence. We are always grateful for loyal clients' support and we aim to provide the best service.


From 2010 to 2012, we were invited to take part in several AVA roadshows at the Expo

Starting 2010, we were invited the the first AVA roadshow hosted at the Singapore Expo, to educate public on proper pet care and training. We also were invited to 2011's AVA roadshow and held a seminar for 2012's roadshow

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